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Thank you for playing the alpha version of "Showdown of the Dungeon"! This is an unofficial creation by fans of Outside Xbox and Outside Xtra, based on their DnD roleplaying videos. You can play this game solo or with a party of friends!


Developer - Nate Johnson

Pixel Artist - Brad Rich

HeyCee, for streaming the launch tournament of this game. You can watch the recording on his Twitch channel!

Outsidefanstra ( ) and the great supportive community that made this possible, which you can join on discord and also hosted on YouTube a video of us playing this game for two riotous hours!

And of course, special thanks to the testers - aves rex, burningape, Caitlin, Decem,  omiai, scorpinator, Zellen, and more!

Development log


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Good game! Maybe you could improve the mix of 2D and 3D or just remove it, because it is confusing. Great sound effects and mechanics.

You can adjust the camera motion in the options. Try that and tell me what you think!